::Washing Over Me::

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Thank you to my Bebe Lily (Kitty) for helping me make this post. She is so beautiful and also talented, please check out her blog below:

Foreign feelings that I can't ignore
Oh I never felt like this before
What's a king without a queen
You could be my everything
Can't you see?

You're like a wave washing over me
Pulling me underneath
Sinking slowly
You're like a wave washing over me
I'll stay underneath
Drifting slowly

On Bunny:
Hair:Doe: Hirari - Monotone
Flower Access:*LODE* Head Accessory - Wild Sakura [white] 1

On Kitty: 
Hair: Beusy: Velvet Hairstyle (Comes with flowers)

On Both: 
Outfit:Caboodle - Blossom Stockings @ C88
Stockings:Caboodle - Blossom Stockings @ C88

POSE: .HG. I Licked PoseBalls

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